About Me

Adrianne Faye, MA, LMFT

Adrianne Faye, MA LMFT

My counseling style combines insightful, intuitive, and spiritual practices. I have a compassionate, heartfelt approach which provides you with a safe and comfortable environment to facilitate a deeper understanding of your real authentic self. Together we will explore patterns and defenses that may be affecting your life and relationships. Then you can see beyond defenses, negativity, and limitations, to restore a sense of balance and connection in your life. Watching you grow and make positive changes in your life is what I am most passionate about. 

Why Choose Me As Your Therapist?

I believe my academic education, coupled with my diverse life experiences, travel, and my spirituality; all contribute to the richness of my counseling style, and the insightful, intuitive, and challenging kind of therapy I offer. I make sure that we will work in a comfortable environment that is conducive to growth, transformation, and discovery.

Professional Experience & Affiliations

I worked at Southern California Counseling Center  for four years. I was also a RA at TEENLINE, supervising and talking to teens on a crisis hotline during a two-year period. I am affiliated with the California Association of Marriage & Family Therapists (local and state chapters). My CA License No. is #51574.


I hold a Masters Degree in Marriage & Family Therapy from Pacifica Graduate Institute, and I am a licensed Marriage and Family Therapist, offering individual, teens, and couples counseling. I also hold a Bachelors Degree of Science from Georgetown University, School of Foreign Service.

My Background

I grew up in New York, but lived in West Africa for four years during my young adult years. I received my first degree at Fisher’s Junior College in Boston. I moved to Washington, DC to attend the School of Foreign Service at Georgetown University where I received my BS Degree. I managed health spas and then became a Media Consultant in the advertising world. In the second part of my life, I realized that I needed to let go of success and striving for money, in order to pursue my true passion — which was helping and serving people to live happier lives. I decided to reinvent myself and become a therapist. After pursuing the field of counseling, I knew it was the right fit. I have always been a seeker. At an early age, I read many books by Herman Hesse, Camus, Sartre, etc. I also journeyed to distant parts of the world where I experienced different cultures and spiritual preferences, which helped me to understand people better, and to learn that no matter where you live, everyone goes through many of the same life challenges.



My Favorite Things (the short list):

                        • Hiking above Malibu in the Santa Monica Mountains — especially in Topanga Canyon.
                        • Yoga — the hotter the better.
                        • A great film, play, or world music concert.
                        • Reading a good book on the beach.
                        • Traveling to exotic, far-away places (especially in Asia).
                        • Meditating.